LED Lightbox Retail Display - Client Case Studies

Abbey Katana light boxes

Abbey (now Santander)

Ultra slim light boxes were supplied to Abbey banks for the promotions of their financial products. Market research showed that illuminating advertising graphics in a banking environment increased sales by over 30% in comparison to non-illuminated posters. Abbey wanted to increase awareness of their advertising message so single sided ultra slim light boxes were fixed on walls within the banks and double sided light boxes were positioned on pole systems by the windows so they were seen both to customers inside the bank and to prospective customers outside.

Boots Katana light boxes


Ultra slim light boxes were used in Boots as there was a need to have more attention grabbing signs in the digital and traditional processing services area. Customers were generally not seeing the information displayed on the existing non-illuminated signs and were spending more time at the tills asking for this information. Therefore, ultra slim light boxes were used to catch the customers' eye so they could see the information they needed straight away. This reduced the time taken at the counter which in turn reduced queuing times and ultimately increased sales.

John Lewis style light boxes

John Lewis

Ultra slim light boxes were produced for Health and Beauty departments within John Lewis stores to promote the brands and products sold there. Even light distribution, ease of graphic change, contemporary styling and brightness were key factors in the selection of the flat profile Katana ultra slim light box. The thinness of the light box and the flexibility of sizing has allowed the ultra slim light boxes to be fitted to merchandising units, columns, walls and product displays in all areas of the department.

Powder coated Katana light boxes for The Bodyshop

The Body Shop

Ultra slim light boxes met the design requirements for The Body Shop's illuminated displays which are used for product promotions located behind the counters within their stores. The specifications were that the new light boxes should be a) ultra slim to maximise the space for the sales staff b) energy efficient to reduce running costs c) easy graphic change to enable staff to change graphics themselves and d) even light distribution. These features were already integral to the design of the ultra slim light boxes, which have now also been used for the illuminated poster displays at either side of the entrances to stores.

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